We believe children’s early years are a wonderful and vital time in their development!  They are learning so much about themselves, others and the world they live in.

We believe each child develops in their own unique way!

We believe we are all lifelong learners!  Our goal is to encourage your child’s natural love of learning during these important and formative years.

We believe children learn best by doing and in making choices about how they learn.

assessment-17We strive to create a rich learning environment with many appropriate activities to promote your child’s social, emotional, mental, physical and academic growth! Children thrive when given clear expectations and structures.  They will be able to count on certain activities being available to choose from each preschool day.  We have a balance of large group, small group and individual learning times.  During individual choice time your child will gain independence and confidence in making their own choices of what they want to create, play and learn. During group times your child will learn within a group setting.  They will also practice waiting their turn, cooperating, and learning from their peers.  In our preschool setting some social skills your child can practice are: Negotiating, Setting personal boundaries, Inclusion and Verbalization of needs.  These skills will serve them their entire lives.


READING –Letter of the Week, Letter Name and Sound Recognition, Assessments,   Reading to children, Student Created Books. Lending Library, Stories using Flannel and Magnet Pictures,  Early Reader Books, Rhyming

 WRITING-Student Daily Sign-in, Story Writing, Letter and Name Practice, Journal writing using pictures and inventive spelling,  ABC Journal

 MATH- Counting, Shapes, Sorting, Categorizing, Number Recognition, Greater and less than, Positional (over, behind, under…),Addition & Subtraction, Patterning and   100 Day Celebration and activities, Calendar Activities

CREATIVITY- Music, Building, Dramatic Play, Games, Puzzles, Art Center, Movement and Dance, Outdoor exploration

SOCIAL SKILLS-  Organizing thoughts, Sharing Time, Circle Times, Outside Time, Making Decisions, Taking Turns, Following Directions, Independent Choice TIme

CENTERS- Art, Puzzles, Games, Library, Dramatic Play, Sensory Tables, Building, Puppet Show, Learning Baskets

PRESCHOOL CALENDAR:  We generally follow the calendar of the Edmonds School District. If the school district has an emergency or weather-related closure, the preschool will also be closed.  If we are closed more than four days for weather related closures, we will offer families an opportunity to make-up some preschool days missed.   The preschool calendar will be mailed in August with your welcoming packet.  The following is a list of holidays during which the school will be closed during the school year. We usually offer a weekly summer program for four weeks each summer.  Families may choose one or all sessions of our summer program. 

PRESCHOOL DAYS AND HOURS:  Our school offers classes Monday through Thursday.  We offer a two, three or four day preschool program.  You may choose a three hour (9 to noon) or four hour (9 to 1) preschool option.  If you enroll in the four hour program, you need to supply your child with lunch.  Morning snack is provided.   We try to accommodate your preference of which days you prefer. 


 9:00-9:15          School opens/Children arrive

 9:15-9:45          Individual Choice Time:  Children use this time to select their own activities.  Options may include puzzles, games, library, snack table, journal writing, art, blocks, dramatic play and snack table. 

9:45-10:15        Group Circle #1:During this time we welcome each other, calendar, introduce our curriculum theme and projects for the day.

10:15-10:45       Teacher Led Small Group Time:  During this time teachers work in small groups on math, pre-reading and writing skills.

 10:45-11:00       Snack

 11:00-1130        Active Games/Outdoor Play:

 11:30-11:50       Group Circle #2: Songs, flannel and magnet stories, finger plays, creative movement, instruments, scarves

11:50-12:00       Three hour students prepare to leave & sing our “Good-bye” song.  Four hour students have puzzle and book time

12:15-12:30       Lunch (Students bring lunch from home)

12:30-1:00        Enrichment activities

SNACK/LUNCH BUNCH: We offer a nutritious snack each day. As part of our curriculum we have opportunities to cook together. Snacks are served “family style” with children pouring and serving themselves.  Students in our four hour program bring a simple lunch from home each day.  Please indicate on your child’s registration any food allergies your child has.  If your child doesn’t regularly attend the four hour program, but would like to join us for lunch on special occasions just let us know in advance.  Bring a lunch for them.  The cost for this is $8.00.

BIRTHDAYS:   We make special days for each child’s birthday.  You may bring a STORE BOUGHT treat for them to share with their classmates.  Summer birthdays are celebrated prior to the end of preschool in June.  Please let us know in advance what you have planned.  If you do not celebrate birthdays, please let us know so that we can be consistent with your family’s beliefs.

 RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL ACTIVITIES:   We respect your right to teach your child the tenets of your own faith and do not incorporate religion into our curriculum.   During the winter holiday we may talk about some ways people celebrate including Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and Chinese New Year.  As part of our curriculum we learn about different parts of the world through pictures, music, stories, songs, projects and foods.  We welcome your ideas and personal experiences in making the preschool experience diverse and respectful of all cultures.  If you have a special story or project from your culture you would like to share, please let us know.                                                                          

FIELD TRIPS:  Field trips are held during preschool hours which means we do not hold regular classes on field trip days.  Due to insurance restrictions, we do not provide transportation for field trips.  Transportation is provided by the parent. 

 OUR CLASSROOM LOCATION:    Our classroom meets in a quiet, residential neighborhood in Mountlake Terrace.  Our address is 23505 Peterson Drive.  We have both a fenced play area and covered play area for rainy day play!

assessment-29COMMUNICATION:  Communication is very important to a successful preschool experience for your child.  We are always available for questions or comments.  We communicate with families via our newsletters, family Facebook site, emails, student conferences and on-site conversations.  

       Email   applepswa@gmail.com                  Office Phone    (425) 787-9914

       Classroom Phone  (206) 551-0422           Website   www.applepreschool.com

       Instagram    @preschoolmatters               Blog        www.teresareneebain.com

 PARENT RESPONSIBILITIES:  Have the necessary registration forms turned in along with the yearly registration fee.  Pay tuition promptly by first preschool day of each month.  Respect the preschool rules and help your child respect them also.   Bring an extra change of clothing labeled with your child’s name.  Sign your child in and out each day. If someone else will pick up your child, we must have prior authorization.   Make sure your child has appropriate clothing for the weather and an extra change of clothing. Promptly inform us of any illness your child might have which could affect the other children in preschool. Inform us if your child will be absent.  Give four weeks written notice to withdraw from preschool. If you withdraw your child after the 9th month of school (May) you are responsible for June’s tuition.

 TERMINATION:  Parents MUST give four weeks written notice in advance before removing their child from preschool.  Parents who do not give written notice are responsible for four weeks tuition in lieu of proper notification.  There will be no refunds of tuition.  If you withdraw your child after the 9th month of school (May), you are accountable for June’s tuition.   We may also terminate the agreement with four weeks written notice if we feel it is in the best interests of the child or the program.  If a child’s behavior is a danger, termination will be immediate.

BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT:   Most behavior issues can be resolved by reinforcing clear and consistent guidelines.  Behavior that is not acceptable includes anything that is harmful to the children, the property or the teachers.  We first talk to the child when a problem occurs and discuss what is acceptable behavior.  If the behavior continues we may separate the children into different activities or areas.  If the behavior still continues we will put the child (or object) in time out.  The length of the time out will be age appropriate.  It’s important that we work together as a team to reach successful resolution of behavior problems.   If you have questions please feel free to discuss them with us.

 TOILET TRAINING:  Although most children are are toilet trained prior to entering preschool.  Often we are able to accommodate a child who is still toilet training.

 REPORTING OF CHILD ABUSE:By state law, we must report to Child Protective Services if we have reason to suspect the occurrence of physical, sexual or emotional child abuse, child neglect or child exploitation

assessment-18CLOTHING:   Your child will be actively playing and learning each day.  Please make sure your child is dressed in appropriate clothing each day.  Also, please supply an extra set of labeled clothing for your child. We plan to go outside each day so your child needs appropriate outerwear.

HEALTH CARE PLAN:   We follow the Snohomish Health District’s guidelines in preventing children with symptoms of communicable diseases from attending preschool.    Please inform us if your child has any communicable diseases.  We need to know if your child has been exposed to a contagious disease such as chicken pox, pinkeye or pinworms.   Bringing a child to preschool with any of the symptoms below puts all of us at risk of getting sick.  If ALL parents keep their sick children home, we will have healthier children. If your child becomes ill while at preschool, we will call you.  Please pick him/her up as soon as possible. If your child has any of the symptoms listed below, please keep them home.  

  • Unusually tired, pale, lack of appetite, difficult to wake, confused or irritable, diarrhea, vomiting two or more times within the past 24 hours, body rash, especially with fever or itching, sore throat – Especially with fever or swollen glands in the neck, lice or scabies-children must not return to child care until they are free of lice and nits (eggs), temperature of 100 degrees F (orally) or higher, c0ugh lasting more than one week, pinkeye – Teary, redness on eyelid lining, irritation followed by swelling and yellow drainage, greenish nasal drainage lasting more than one week or unable to participate in preschool activities due to not feeling well

 MEDICINE:  No medicine will be given while your child is at preschool.

 EMERGENCIES:   Scratches and scrapes sometimes occur when children play.  For anything more serious you will be notified at once.  If we are unable to reach you, we will call a contact from your emergency contact list.  We are current in First Aid/CPR.  For more serious emergencies, we have included our Emergency Action Plan.         Emergency Action Plan

  1. Remain calm
  2. Evaluate emergency
  3. Start CPR if necessary
  4. Call 911
  5. Call emergency back up
  6. Call parents
  7. Go to hospital if necessary

 APPLE PRESCHOOL DISASTER PLAN: We ask families supply an emergency kit for their child.  The list is included in the welcoming packet you will receive in August. In the event of a large scale disaster, our plan is to keep the children as safe and comfortable as possible.

assessment-16ABSENCES:   If your child will be absent for any reason, please call us on our classroom line (206) 551-0422.  No tuition credit or make up days are given for absences.  This includes coming late, illness, leaving early, doctor/dentist appointments or weather-related closures.

RE-ENROLLMENT PROCEEDURE:Re-enrollment is done in January for students currently enrolled.   Enrollment for new families begins February 1st.  We reserve the right to make changes in the body of the contract as the need may arise.  We welcome students of any race, color, religious or ethnic background.

TUITION AND REGISTRATION: There is a yearly non-refundable registration fee of $100.00 per student.  Tuition is due the 1st preschool day of each month.  Annual tuition is divided into 10 equal payments.  There is a $5.00 per day late fee for tuition not paid by the 5th and a $25.00 NSF check fee.

       Monthly Tuition-Three Hour  Morning (9-12)  Programs:

       4 days per week:   $400.00 

       3 days per week:   $350.00    

       2 days per week:   $245.00

       Monthly Tuition -Four Hour Morning (9-1)  Programs:

       4 days per week:   $480.00 

       3 days per week:   $400.00           

       2 days per week:   $295.00    

We work to make our program affordable for all.  We have some scholarships available for families needing assistance.  We also offer a sibling discount.  Make tuition checks payable to Teresa Bain or Apple Preschool. 

To request a copy of our information packet, please email us at applepswa@gmail.com.