Here’s what families have said about our preschool:

“We appreciate the attention given to each individual student.”

“My child is happy to go to preschool.  Each day she asks, “Is today a school day?””

“When my daughter was assessed by her kindergarten teacher, she knew all her capital and lower case letters and sounds, she recognized numbers up to 20 and did simple addition and subtraction plus some emerging reading.  The teacher was very impressed.  My daughter told her that she “learned a lot at Apple Preschool” and the teacher replied, “well, you went to a very good preschool!”  Apparently only one other child assessed at about the same level as our daughter.  We’re thankful she went to the very best preschool.”

“Our son loves coming to school.  He talks about his friends, his teachers and is always proud to show us his work.  He has gained a great foundation for entering kindergarten.”

“The teachers are probably the best part of the program.  They are patient, fun, creative, caring, respectful and have had a lot of experience with children.  Teresa, the head teacher, is amazingly organized and prepared which is quite impressive to me as a former teacher myself.  In addition to teaching in class, she sends out monthly newsletters, plans field trips and makes time to meet one on one with parents for student conferences.”

Our curriculum is designed for LEARNING AND FUN!

Each day your child will participate in MUSIC and STORY TIMES.

Our focus on books and literature will ENCOURAGE READING.

We offer group activities to foster COOPERATION & SOCIAL SKILL BUILDING.

Our LEARNING AREAS include creativity, writing, library, dramatic play and more!

Your child will have opportunities for INDIVIDUAL CHOICE to promote independence.

We have years of EXPERIENCE in music, childhood education, and parenting.

Our focus on books and literature will ENCOURAGE READING.